Musen 1700mm Back-to-Wall Gloss White Bathtub

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SKU: MU-1700-W


The MUSEN series presents a curved back-to-wall bathtub, meticulously designed to conceal all pipework and fit seamlessly against wall tiles, offering a contemporary and polished appearance. The rounded corner is thoughtfully crafted to accommodate your shower kits. In addition to the classic white colour, MUSEN is also available in grey, expanding your design choices. The innovative design and stylish appeal are set to elevate the demand for enhancing your bathroom aesthetics.


MUSEN series is a curved back-to-wall bathtub designed to hide all the pipework and installed neatly against wall tiles for a contemporary and seamless look. The rounded corner is ideally designed for placing your shower kits. Other than white color, MUSEN is also available in grey. Innovation in design and style will increase the demands in the beautification of your bathrooms.

Model: MU-1700-W(Gloss white)
Material: American acrylic
Stainless steel 304 frame
Feet support and screw
Fiberglass thickness: 6mm
Watermark certified drainer

Glossy White Surface
25mm back-to-wall-edge without Overflow
7 Years Limited Warranty

Dimension: 1700 x 800 x 590H mm

Base width: 740mm

Base length: 1,580mm