Bullion 1500mm Back-to-Wall Gloss White Bathtub

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SKU: BU-1500-W


BULLION Series is robust at both the left and right corners, and it excels in a back-to-wall arrangement, enhancing its functionality. The presentation features simple, elegant, and glossy white surfaces that reflect ingenious design ideas and the timeless modern beauty of a bathroom. It is meticulously designed to accommodate both larger projects and regular bathrooms, making it a versatile choice.


BU-1500-W (Gloss White);
BU-1500-BW (External black, Internal white)

Material: Premium sanitary-grade American acrylic
Stainless steel frame
Feet support and screw
Adjustable steel legs
without overflow
Chrome pop-up waste included
Acrylic thickness: 6mm
10mm Ultra-slim edge Design
White 38mm connector
Back-to-wall edge thickness is 25mm~30mm

Dimension:  1700 x 800 x 590H mm

Also available 1700mm

Watermark certified drainer
Ergonomic Comfort
Easy to clean
7 Years Limited Warranty